Egypt is the cradle of the tattoo art

Egyptian tattoos - Egypt is the cradle of the tattoo art! Tattoos are like a pass will once again live after death in this world. Many traditional cultures have this as a practice, and Egypt was the birthplace of tattoo art. It is said that the body, the tattoos on them were discovered. A female Mummy named Amunet was said to have multiple points and lines on her body as a tattoo. Her flesh had a clear indication of tattoo art. Many female mummies showed this kind of tattoo designs on their bodies. One of the most popular designs among them was the decorative scars, which is popular in some parts of Africa. This tattoo design is worn on the lower part of the abdomen. The number of lines and points to increasing fertility in a woman.

The traditional reasons in the Egyptian tattoo are involved:

-To establish a connection with the divine.
-Victim or act as a tribute to a deity.
-As a talisman, a permanent good-luck charm that lost can go.
-Provision of medical protection and provide magical powers.

There was always a connection held existed between the divine powers and the tattoos in the ancient Egypt. Most of the designs, which were discovered in this place were inextricably linked to their religion. Mummies from 1300 B.c. were tattooed with the symbol of Neith. Neith was a female deity. These were the only tattoo designs were intended for male bearer shares.

God BES tattoo:

This was the first tattoo display something special and it was the God. It is the most popular God of the musicians and the dancing girls. It is based on the thigh of girl tattooed. Tattoos are very popular among the Western culture, but this practice is avoided by the Muslim culture. Egypt had some of the best stylish tattoos if it is registered on any part of the body they look good. Modern Egyptian of tattoos are created in the world, are complex but little in their designs.

Egyptian tattoos are designed with the ideas of various hieroglyphics and use ancient symbols, to the beautiful tattoos design. Some of the Egyptian gods associated with these tattoos are the Bastet, Anubis and Horus.

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Starting a Tattoo Business-Basic things to consider

Starting a Tattoo Business-Basic things to consider! As being a tattoo enthusiast is not enough for you, then you can consider getting into the business side of tattooing. The best company to the only thing that you love to do in is probably, so if you eat and breath tattoos, then you have a greater chance of succeeding in the tattoo business.

There are several things that you need to consider if you're in the business side of the tattoo. These are:

Tattoo Artists

The reputation of a good tattoo shop is based largely on the talent of the tattoo artist. Overtime, will the talent and the skills of your tattoo artist to spread and so does your business. A tattoo artist who treats customers as King, who makes an attempt to figure out what the customer wants and motivation, which constantly strives to improve his own self will go a long way to promoting your company's reputation.

Of course you will spend a significant amount of money to invest in tattoo equipment. It is only fitting that you extra measures to take to ensure that your equipment will be on top condition, if not the top of the line. You should research on tattoo machines available in the market and the advantages or disadvantages that one has about the other. Other important points for your studio will tattoo guns, tattoo transfer paper, needles and ink. Tattoo transfer paper is a common instrument to be found in almost all tattoo studios. It works as a matrix for both temporary and permanent tattoo designs. Using a tattoo transfer paper is very useful in cases where a customer might want to try a tattoo design temporarily before they eventually decide on the permanent tattoo designs. The dye in temporary tattoos usually lasts for a period of three weeks before fading. They rather be removed using baby oil or fading cream. Regarding tattoo inks, it is better if you keep a register of colors, so that you will be able to offer designs that are rich in color and density.


Business experts say that there are only three things that matters in business and that are location, location and location. Choose a place where tattoo lovers come together or where most of the tattoo studios are located. You can also opt for an environment where many pedestrians.

Hopefully these three points will help you in your quest for a tattoo entrepreneur.

Top ten questions about Laser Tattoo Removal

Top ten questions about Laser Tattoo Removal, Most people who think about how to remove an unwanted tattoo have a number of questions about the process. She had maybe a friend who successfully removed a tattoo and they want to know how it would work in their own unique case. Or maybe they thought about tattoo removal many years ago and they want to learn what technology is now used by tattoo removal clinics to make it easier and less expensive.

Tattoo Removal experts who have completed thousand laser treatments have heard almost every question you can think about tattoo removal. Here is a list of the top ten most frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal:

10) can I my tattoo be removed? A large majority of tattoos can be removed. Black ink tattoos are the most common that removed, and they are also the easiest to remove. A wide range of other colors can also be deleted-red, Orange, yellow, green, blue, Brown, purple and darker colors in-between. The hardest to remove colors are light green and blue/green or blue-green or Turquoise. These colors can be blurred, but it is difficult to completely remove. Call a clinic that specializes in tattoo removal in Dallas for more information about which colors are easy or difficult to remove to learn.

9) Is the tattoo removal laser dangerous? The medical laser used for tattoo removal should be used only for tattoo removal. Avoid clinics where they use a laser for a wide range of procedures-such as many things, specialists have the most experience and have the most suitable equipment. With the right safety equipment (goggles to protect the eyes), tattoo removal lasers are very safe to use when used by a medical professional. The manufacturers of these tools go through a rigorous FDA approval process. The radiation from a laser tattoo removal non-ionising and there is no risk of cancer or other abnormal cell growth

8) what kind of laser is used for tattoo removal? Dallas tattoo removal clinics use Q-switched Nd: YAG lasers for effective and safe disposal of tattoos. A leading brand is the little bear Affinity QS laser, which two wavelengths of light used to abort the ink in a tattoo.

the tattoo removal procedure 7) will scar my skin? No, not if used by an experienced professional. The laser creates no scars the skin reaction when used by a competent nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or physician. Be wary of clinics that laser technicians who do not have advanced medical training to use.

6) how long between tattoo removal sessions? For most patients 4 weeks is enough time between the sessions. For some patients with a very bright, colorful tattoos 6 weeks. During your consultation with a tattoo removal facilities you'll discover what works best in your unique situation.

5) What the possible side effects will I experienced? For patients with black or dark ink tattoos, some swelling and redness are the most common side effects. These will normally disappear within a week. For patients with colored tattoos, some blistering action-this is a part of the normal healing process and the skin will heal nicely afterwards.

4) how does the laser break the ink in my tattoo? The laser uses two methods break down the ink-the pigment absorbs the energy of the laser and shattered; the very fast (6 nanosecond) pulse and high intensity of the laser will split the pigment in the tattoo.

3) Is the laser treatment painful? Most patients compare discomfort as similar to a tattoo in the first place, but much faster. Your session may 5-30 minutes and the lead of tattoo removal clinics use a variety of methods to help patients reduce the pain that they are experiencing.

2) how many tattoo removal sessions do I need? Most patients will have between 3 and 10 sessions. The number is depending on the age of the tattoo, the color and the amount of ink in the tattoo. Call a tattoo removal specialist to find out what you are going to need to remove your tattoo.

1) what does each session of tattoo removal cost? The price varies with the size of the tattoo. Of course smaller tattoos will be less expensive than removing a whole sleeve. The price is one of a number of considerations, though. The quality of the medical staff will play an important role-a nurse practitioner with years of experience and a lot of care in helping your ve